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Features you must know when buying a digital door lock

Features you must know when buying a digital door lock

Digital Door Locks from Yale are hugely popular with homeowners throughout the world, and offer the very latest in convenience, safety and security for our customers. They make it easy for you to choose how you want to access your home – whilst also offering new ways to keep unwanted visitors out – and to keep you and your whole family safe.

Card entry
Yale digital door locks can be operated with a simple card that you carry with you – just like your bank cards. Easy and reliable, it’s the perfect fit for your purse or wallet.

Remote Control Entry
Our optional remote control makes unlocking your front door as easy as opening your car. Just click the remote control and the door is unlocked ready for you to go in as soon as you reach the door.

Biometric entry
Even if you don’t want to carry keys or phones, and hate trying to remember PIN codes – with Yale you can just use your fingerprint to unlock your door.
Bluetooth + mobile entry*
With the additional bluetooth module and free downloadable App, you can even use your mobile phone to unlock your door. Why carry anything else?
PIN entry
With Yale digital door locks you don’t have to worry about carrying anything with you. Even if you have forgotten everything, just type your PIN codes into the keypad and the door is unlocked.
Mechanical key override
If that all sounds too good to be true – don’t worry! Your door lock comes with a traditional mechanical key – so no matter what happens, you will still be able to unlock your door!

Anti-panic exit handle
At Yale we want to make absolutely certain that none of these security features get in the way of you and your family’s safety. That’s why even if you have securely locked your door at night, if you need to get out because of a fire or other emergency,…

Low battery alert
Our low battery alert gives you a simple audible and visual alert to let you know when the batteries are getting low – giving you plenty of time to change the batteries.

Child/ pet proof safety button
But how do you make sure your children or pets can’t just get out so easily? Our child / pet proof safety feature means you need to press the button as you open the door – keeping little ones safe and sound inside.

Emergency power supply
Even if your lock loses all its power, you can just attach a standard 9v battery that will bring back all the usual features of your lock, and giving you access to your home.

Scamble Code
If when you come to use your PIN code you are concerned someone is watching the numbers you type, you can scramble your code to make it much harder to follow. Just type in some random numbers before or after your code and the lock will still operate – but the number will be much harder to remember!

Break-in/ damage alarm
Your Yale lock will keep out most burglars, but what if they try to break it with a hammer? Our built-in loud alarm will sound as soon as it is attacked, letting everyone know and scaring the burglar away.

Cancel a lost card
What happens if you lose one of your access cards? Cancelling lost cards is simple – and there’s no need to change the locks!

Force locked alarm
If you are going away and know you won’t be using your door for a while, our force locked mode means that anyone who operates the door without deactivating it will set off the alarm. So even if the burglar breaks in through a window – they can’t open the front door to move things out without sounding the alarm.

Automatic locking
If you are sometimes forgetful, you can set your digital lock to automatically activate 5 seconds after you close the door – so you never have to worry whether you remembered to lock it again.

One Time Visitor Code
If you need to give someone access to your home, our one-time visitor code will let you give them a PIN code that opens the door, and then stops working. So you can let them in now when you want to – safe in the knowledge that they can’t get in again later without your permission.

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01 What is KNX

01 What is KNX

What is KNX?

KNX Association has been set up in 1999 with headquarters in Brussels as the merger between three former European associations promoting intelligent homes and buildings, i.e.:
1. BCI (France) promoting the Batibus system;
2. EIB Association (Belgium) promoting the EIB system;
3. European Home Systems Association (Holland) promoting the EHS system.

KNX Association has the following goals:
a) definition of a new truly open standard ‘KNX’ for intelligent homes and buildings;
b) establishing the KNX Trademark as a token for quality and multi-vendor interworking;
c) establishing KNX as the European and worldwide standard.

As long as needed, KNX Association also offers support for the legacy systems Batibus, EIB and EHS, including certification according to these previous standards. As EIB is backward compatible to KNX, most devices can be labelled both with the KNX as well as the EIB logo

In General, KNX is a control system that was developed to allow products from various manufacturers to work seamlessly together. The system operates on a standardised bus cable with a common language, allowing different products to work together.

It controls all aspects of home and building control such as: lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation, blinds/ shutters, security and door communication systems, audio and video, and metering.

With KNX there are no more problems of isolated devices or systems not being able to talk to each other. It also means all home and building control functions can be controlled through the one central system without the need for additional control centres.

KNX can be installed in to new or existing developments, be it a new build or retrofit project, residential or commercial. With wired, wireless, IP and powerline communication mediums it is possible to use the system within any building type.

Due to its ability to talk to other systems, it is commonly used a backbone in linking together proprietary control systems, standardised controls such as: AMX, Crestron, Control4, ELAN, RTI, DALI, BACnet, Modbus and AV control systems.


  • Flexible
  • Simple to use
  • Daisy chain topology
  • Multiple manufacturer products work together
  • Talk to other control systems
  • Enables full building control
  • Low operating costs
  • Time saving

More about KNX

It was developed in 1990 after noting the issue of control systems not being able communicate to one another, creating timely and costly issues for integrators. Since then it has become the worldwide standard for home and building control with over 370 manufacturers, nearly 44,000 partners and almost 300 training centres, all across the globe.

Loewe Introduces New OLED Masterpiece – bild 4.55, 5.55 and 5.65

Loewe Introduces New OLED Masterpiece – bild 4.55, 5.55 and 5.65

With the Loewe bild 5 OLED, thanks to the modular concept, tailor-made solutions can be assembled. The puristic, classic monitor acts perfectly as the center of your living room design – with the smallest dimensions. With the clean panel and the small thickness of under 5mm, the TV is ultra-flat and modern. The full UHD resolution, the support of all relevant high dynamic range formats and the proven Loewe algorithms provide powerful and sharp images.

Bild 4.55 UHD OLED starts from Rs 3,99,000 plus taxes.