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Crestron New Keypad

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Blog

Crestron, a global leader in enterprise control and automation technology, announced today it will debut its new line of Horizon keypads. Available in highly configurable single-gang models that combine up to four across, the new line offers designer aesthetics, superior button feel, four different button styles, programmable multi-color backlighting, interchangeable custom top and bottom trim pieces, and Cresnet® wired communications.

Crestron keypads deliver an advanced custom control solution as part of a complete Crestron smart home.

Highly configurable – The Horizon line is available in single-gang and up to four keypads can be ganged together. Customers can choose from four button styles: single, side-to-side rocker, small up-down rocker, and large up-down rocker. Top and bottom trim pieces are interchangeable to suit any décor and provide the ultimate in style and elegance.

Programmable backlighting – For enhanced readability under any lighting conditions, every model in the Horizon line includes multi-color backlighting that illuminates the high-quality laser engraved text on the buttons. When the button is pressed, it glows two to three times brighter than the inactive buttons. Moreover, each button can be programmed to glow in any color.

Cresnet wired communications – The Cresnet bus is the communications backbone for Horizon keypads, along with many Crestron lighting controllers, shade motors, sensors, and other devices. Cresnet is a simple, yet flexible 4-wire network that provides bidirectional communication and 24VDC power for Cresnet devices. Cresnet supports up to 252 keypads and other devices.

– Please contact sales team for more details.

Loewe Introduces New OLED Masterpiece – bild 4.55, 5.55 and 5.65

Loewe Introduces New OLED Masterpiece – bild 4.55, 5.55 and 5.65

With the Loewe bild 5 OLED, thanks to the modular concept, tailor-made solutions can be assembled. The puristic, classic monitor acts perfectly as the center of your living room design – with the smallest dimensions. With the clean panel and the small thickness of under 5mm, the TV is ultra-flat and modern. The full UHD resolution, the support of all relevant high dynamic range formats and the proven Loewe algorithms provide powerful and sharp images.

Bild 4.55 UHD OLED starts from Rs 3,99,000 plus taxes.

KNX is the leading communication protocol in the European & Chinese smart homes / light commercial market

KNX is the leading communication protocol in the European & Chinese smart homes / light commercial market

BSRIA is pleased to present the results of its latest Smart Home/Light Commercial market study produced in January 2017. The study, which consists of individual country reports on China, France, Germany, Netherlands, North America and UK, is forecasting a total global growth of 20 per cent in the Smart Home/Light Commercial market in 2017, with the largest growth being predicted for the UK market with a growth rate of 29 per cent. **The study segments the market into stand-alone products and whole home products and also analyses the value of system integration (value add) and service and maintenance.

The total value of the global market is forecast to be $15.8 billion in 2017; the US market remains the largest single market forecast at 29 per cent of the total market value. Despite the maturity of the US market, the growth forecast is expected to be in line with the global increase in value of 20 per cent, with stand-alone products being the segment showing the largest growth at 27 per cent.

The study is also forecasting rapid growth in sales of both products and system integration, but due to the infancy of the market, a lower level of sales for service and maintenance.

The reports show that the largest individual vertical sector is luxury villas accounting for 25 per cent of the market value; the second and third largest segments, offices and hotels respectively, represent a combined total of 23 per cent of the market.

The reports provide an outlook until 2021 when it is forecast that the total global market will be worth $29.8 billion.

In terms of communication protocols, whereas the market in North America is dominated by proprietary protocols, the study shows a significant increase in the penetration of KNX in Europe and China. The typical KNX wired solution has traditionally limited its deployment to new-built installations: the launch of the KNX RF (wireless) version in 2010 has enabled it to gain a significant market share, placing it in third place behind proprietary communication protocols and Wi-Fi, but with the advantage that it can be integrated with KNX wired products.

In Germany the whole home solutions market is heavily dominated by KNX (with a share of 56 per cent), which was developed largely under the auspices of major German and European smart building suppliers. While proprietary protocols still have a significant share, none of the other protocols have yet gained critical mass.

The whole home solutions market in the UK is not dominated by any one communication protocol. All protocols have their own strengths and weaknesses, and many installations will incorporate more than one protocol. The BSRIA study found that KNX has a 27 per cent market share in the UK’s whole home smart systems segment.

KNX remains the most popular of the non-proprietary protocols in France with 32 per cent of the market. It is a long established communication protocol in this country, but it should be pointed out that proprietary protocols are also very strong in France. Proprietary protocols may have the advantage of not adding additional costs to the devices and give the biggest freedom to the manufacturer: however, they seriously complicate the integration with other systems. The industry has not found a consensus on the open standard yet and the convergence issue is still a threat to the progression of the smart market. Since EDF, as the leading energy supplier in France, took the decision to offer among others the possibility to transport metering data via a KNX interface in its Linky smart meters, the importance of KNX is expected to increase in France.

Proprietary protocols (15 per cent) are well represented in the Netherlands, but KNX has a market share of 34 per cent in whole-home smart home systems, thus becoming the standard for home and building control in the Netherlands.

Wired systems account for the vast majority of the overall market in China for whole-home smart systems. Of the total whole-home smart home market, nearly 38 per cent uses proprietary protocols and about 42 per cent was accounted for by KNX systems. The KNX protocol constitutes a “European standard for smart home installation” in China, which has become the only approved Chinese standard (GB/T20965) for Home and Building Control in 2013. A large number of protocols are used in wireless products in China, however, mostly for stand-alone smart products/subsystems, including Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi’s disadvantage is, however, that it consumes more energy, and devices working through Wi-Fi can slow down internet connectivity at home.

Coutesy & Credit: www.knx.org

Speak to control your Home

Speak to control your Home

Gone are the days when we used to roam around the house just to switch on and off lights using age old mechanical switches. Now is digital world why do the do when you can do something new.

Yes Voice is newest interface for your smart house.

We can integrate voice with any of the following protocols and products,

  1. KNX
  2. RTI
  3. ELAN
  4. Crestron
  5. Control 4
  6. Phillips
  7. Scheneider
  8. ABB
  9. Smart Bus
  10. GM

Now, you can enjoy hands-free automation throughout the entire home, utilizing the incredibly popular Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap or FireTV devices.

With a simple voice command, enjoy a helping hand while you prepare a meal, set the perfect mood for dinner guests, queue up movie night for the family, even get the whole house ready for bed.

Commands can be more precise and simple like

Switch On

Switch Off



Dim up

Dim Down

watch movie


Call us for more details and free consultation

Best Floor StandingTV without wires

Best Floor StandingTV without wires

The new Loewe viewing experience combining the very latest state of the art OLED technology and Loewe’s legendary image processing software, is called Loewe VantaVision.

This term derives from the darkest substance ever created by man called VantaBlack®. It consists of particles that reflect almost no light. By using this special maximum black, space telescopes are calibrated and satellites camouflaged. The deepest shade of black has also created a new dimension for the visual arts. VantaVision from Loewe is inspired by VantaBlack®.

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Schedule an appointment and get free design

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